Pictures from Gloria's Website...

    Pictures mean a lot to me, mostly because I know I'm a person that likes having her picture taken, and being able to remember the times from when they were taken.  It also gives me a way to "relate" to people that I might not be able to otherwise, mostly because of the "I'm Sorry I Don't Know Sign Language" factor.  With pictures though:  It doesn't matter:  Everyone understands picture!

Gloria and Some Anniversary Roses...

    The pictures below will take you to different areas where there are pictures on the Internet, that I'd like to share with you, both personal, and ones that "I just like." I hope that you enjoy them, and hope that if you have any that you'd like me to see, you'll let me know!  I'd be happy to hear from you!


Picture Categories...

A Picture A Day!
Every Day!

We'll be having "A Picture A Day" here at my website, and we hope that you enjoy it.  Thank you for all the people asking where new pictures were:  It's great to see we have so much traffic and interest in our lives and we appreciate your interest!

Zeta - the Newest Addition to the Wilkerson Family Arrives

It's been a very long time, but finally - there's a dog again in the Wilkerson household.

Halloween Prep in October 2004

Fall is on it's way, and it's time to get the homestead ready for the ghosts and ghouls to visit!

Deaf Awareness Nite at Busch 2004

It's time to head downtown to Busch Stadium and have fun when the Cardinals take on the Chicago Cubs.  It's also Jade's First Cardinal Game!

The Wilkerson Xmas Lights - 2003

We'd had our lights up about a month, and here are the pictures for you to view.  Enjoy and Merrrrry Xmas!

Making Our 2003 and First Xmas Card!

It's the first time that we've made a family Christmas Card to send to family and friends!  Check out the "behind the scenes" making of our cool card!

Jade's 6 Month Checkup

It's been a whole 6 months, and it's time for Jade's 6 Month check up (and shots!) with Dr, Cross!

CSI's Breakfast with Santa 2003!

Mike's parent company, CSI, had an event called 'Breakfast with Santa" where the workers get to bring their children and spouses.  It was great fun and Jade met some new people.

Our First Fireplace Fire

This evening we were able to find time to make our first fire in our fireplace.  We can't wait to have more :)

Wedding in Wisconsin

This weekend we attended the wedding of my Sister In Law, Jeanne, and her new husband Dave.  They are nice people and have a very nice wedding.

The Pink Peanut!

Today we got Jade's Room put together at the new house and we thought we'd take some pictures of her in her crib.  Enjoy!

Batten' Down the Hatches!

Over the last week, we have had cooler and cooler temperatures here in St. Louis.  Today it was cold and rainy and so we broke out our newest tool in the fight to keep Jade Warm!

Time Towel Princess

Today was my first day back to work at Walmart, and Mike and Jade had a great evening together.  Check out the great pictures and the fun had with a camera, the world's cutest baby, a paper towel and idle national holiday time. ;)

While We Were Out

Mike, Jade and I went to Northwest Plaza Mall today to see "Leslie Segrete", a fantastic carpenter and workhorse from the TLC television series, "While You Were Out!"  Thanks for the picture Leslie and than you for visiting St. Louis!

Dr. K and Me!

Mike and I stopped in for a check up with Dr. K this afternoon and we're so happy! She's pregnant and will find out if it's a girl or a boy in just three short weeks! Congrats, Dr. K. and we look forward to meeting the Baby!

April and Nails

Mike surprised me today, and took me to meet my friend April Lewton at a new nails shop near the house we just bought.  We had a lot of fun, and my nails look great!  This April is also pregnant again!  Congrats to the whole Lewton family!

April and Bows

My friend April Mason stopped by for a meeting with Mike, and she got to spend a few minutes with Jade in her room.  April's pregnancy is going well.

2 Month Check Up
with Dr. Cross...


On this day we not only celebrated our 13th anniversary since we met, but we also took Jade to her 2 month Check Up with Dr. Cross.

More Great News, and Friends...

Jade, Mike and I went to sign the papers for our new house, and we stopped in to see April who's office is just down the way from the office we went to.

Friends, Family and Home...

Our great friend, April Burton came over today for a meeting and a visit, and we broke out the camera and took some pictures.  We also got approval on our house loan, and so for the first time every we're including pictures of our soon to be new home in O'Fallon, MO.

Jade puts the
Bass in Bassinet


If you were looking for perfect pictures of Jade to put on a wall, your search is over.  Print these off, and see the variety of facial expressions that Jade is showing us regularly.  Enjoy!  We are every hour!

Friends at the Fatted Calf for Restaurant Nite!

Jade, Mike and I went out to dinner tonite, with our friends from the USS ATLAS.  We went to "The Fatted Calf" tonite, and the food, friends and atmosphere were awesome!

Pics and Friends!

Time for some more pics, and a stop in from a friend and Soon To Be Momma!

Fred and Maryann Visit the New Baby! 

The New Grandpa, and Grandma make a visit from the friendly confines of Wisconsin!  Welcome to the new grandparents!

Jade's First Bath!

Rub a Dub Dub: It's time for the Tub! Jade Erin gets her first bath treatment and it is one for the books to be sure![

It's time for Mongolian BBQ with the ATLAS!

Jade, Mike and I went out to dinner tonite, with our friends from the USS ATLAS.  We went to "The Mongolian Bar-B-Que" tonite, and the food, friends and atmosphere were awesome!

Dr. Cross and a Visit to LazerCore in O'Fallon!
 6- 27 & 28, 2003

Jade celebrated her official second week this morning, and we went to visit Dr. Cross again for a check-up.  Saturday, the 28th, we took a visit to Lazer Core, a neat Lazer Tag place in O'Fallon!

Jade and Mike Wilkerson

Jade is almost 2 weeks old and we took a few minutes to get some pictures of Jade and Poppa' on the website.  Everyone smile!

Jade in the Swing!

Many thanks again to the people of EPC who provided the "Swing" as one of our shower gifts.  Jade loves it a lot, and spends a lot of time swinging and looking at things.  Enjoy the pictures!

Haircut and Friendship

We took the time to go to get haircuts today, and Jade gets to try on her first dress!  Our friend April Mason stopped over to visit too.  It was a lot of fun!

Hospital Finally Puts the Pictures Online

We were hoping that the pictures that the hospital photographer took would be up sooner, but we think that we've more than compensated for these not being up.  click the link at left to see the "official hospital pictures" of our angel, Jade Erin Wilkerson!

Jade's First Dr. Visit and a Stop at Walmart 6-20-2003

We ventured out again today to visit my friends at Walmart, and also to make our first visit to Jade's pediatrician, Dr. Cross' office.

Away Mission to Mid Rivers Mall

It was time to pack up the baby stuff, and head over to one of my favorite malls, Mid Rivers Mall in St. Charles.

Breakfast in Bed for Two Wonderful Ladies

We were blessed with SLEEP last nite (grin) and Mike got up and made breakfast in bed for his two favorite ladies!

A Full Day with Friends, Family and Fun!

We we'd like to thank the people that sent us the flowers from Walmart today, as well as Uncle Robert and Auntie Lynnette who stopped by tonite to say hello.  Enjoy the picutues by clicking the link at left.

Jade Wilkerson's First
Away Mission!


We packed up Jade's stuff, got her in the stroller and headed into the unknown!  A quick stop at the local Fire Protection District, and then to Walmart and the food store!

Jade Wilkerson's
First Night at Home!

Mike and I brought Jade home on Father's Day and this is is her first official nite in the house!  Check out the pictures by clicking the link to the left!

More Jade Wilkerson Just for You!

It's good to have Jade here at the house, and we're excited to bring you more pictures of the little angel that came to our house this weekend on Father's day.

Jade is Now Here and Ready for Action!

Mike and I are proud to announce the birth of our first child, Jade Erin Wilkerson!  Jade was born on 6-13-2003 (another 13 for us), and we've thrown up just a small sample of the many pictures we've taken so that you can enjoy her almost as much as well are!

A Playground Walk and Great News!

Mike and I had our last formal checkup with the venerable Dr. K today!  Many thanks to Dr. K for making such a difference in our lives so far, and we can't wait for Dr. K to help us meet our daughter this weekend!  Also went for a walk to a playground down the street - great time with my hubby.

A Nite for Best Friends to Gather at Mickey D's

Mike and I went to a meeting that is a planning session for the "DEAFestival" that will be on September 20th this year. Mike took some pictures of me with my best friend April Mason.

Building a Swing:  Wilkerson Style!

Mike the time to build another of the many great gifts that we got at my shower and I took pictures while he was building.  Thanks to Mike for making it, and enjoy the pictures!

A nite out at the Classic Fox Theater for "ALIENS", a classic  science-fiction movie

Mike surprised me with an adventure out to the classic "Fox Theater" in downtown St. Louis, to see a great movie from the mid 1980's, James Cameron's "ALIENS".  It was a great movie at a great venue and we had a lot of fun!  Thanks to Tad, Christine, Mike and the rest of the ATLAS people that made it out that nite.

A picture from 6-5-2003 during a walk in our neighborhood

Mike and I have been walking regularly and tonite we had the camera with us and took this picture.  Enjoy!

ATLAS Restaurant Nite at J. Bucks in West County: 6-4-2003

My thanks go out to all my friends that were able to go to the ATLAS Restaurant Nite tonite!  What a great time, lots of laughs, and great food with friends that I will remember for a long time!

Just Above the


We moved the bassinet into place tonite, and made a special arrangement on a shelf "just above the bassinet..."

Bassinet Building, Wilkerson Style...:

Many thanks go out to my Mother In-Law, Renee', for buying us such a lovely bassinette.  Mike put it together tonite and it is is precious.  I am happy to share these pictures with everyone that comes and visits my website.  Look for more soon!

The Shower:

I wish to thank everyone that came to my shower today!  It was so great to see so many friends, to see so many smiles, and to have all of you to share such a special day with Mike and I.  I also want to thank the other men that came.  I am happy that Mike was able to share in welcoming our baby into our family.  The Shower Bingo was great, the food was tasty, and the friendships just can't be beat.

My Last Day at a Wilkerson Family Icon: WALMART, 5-30-2003

Dr. I will be leaving the friendly walls of WALMART after 8 years to take my Maternity leave today.  It was a very fast, emotional, and memory-filled day.

A Check Up on
with Dr. K!

Dr. K will be heading out to Chicago for an educational convention, but we'll get to see her this week to get a checkup, a stress test, and a paper fashion show!

Painted Jade:  Oh What Fun You Can Have With a Crayola Marker on 5-28-2003

One of the things I will like the most about having our baby is that I will be able to see Mike more in the evening.  Every day when he comes to take me to work, I enjoy the time we spend together and today was no exception!

Pictures from 5-27-2003  The day is coming closer!

Each day that passes, I can feel more and more that soon it will be time for Jade to arrive.  Mike and I are having a lot of fun with the pregnancy, and just want wait to see our daughter!

What up, "Dog?" :)
Our new Hearing Dog has been confirmed, and herrrrrrre's "Mason!"

As In March this year, we had to put down our long time dear friend, Molly Dog, my service dog who was a great companion, friend, and piece of our life.  I am happy to announce, thanks to the people at International Hearing Dog International, we have confirmed that we'll be getting a new dog soon, who's name is "Mason."

Baby Rabbits, and Car Seats and Strollers,
oh my!

As we are two weeks out, and enjoying just every minute of this time in waiting.  Today we bought and installed Jade's Car Seat, which is actually part of a larger system that "services" her in general  Click on the link at left for more details.

It's May 24th, and time to take more pictures!  Check out "Captain Mommy!"

As I grow larger, I find many of Mike's clothes to be very comfortable!  Today I hijacked Mike's "CAPTAIN AMERICA" shirt, and I have to say:  it looks great on me!  Click on the link at left to see the pictures now!

It's May 24th, and time to take more pictures!  Check out "Captain Mommy!"

As I grow larger, I find many of Mike's clothes to be very comfortable!  Today I hijacked Mike's "CAPTAIN AMERICA" shirt, and I have to say:  it looks great on me!  Click on the link at left to see the pictures now!

It's May 22nd, and time for another checkup at Dr. K's Office!

Mike and I are about three weeks away from meeting our baby, and we are so excited!  Click on the link at left to see the pictures and also the great movies that we have here!  Be patient on the movies.  They are large.

Attention!  Pictures from my Cousin Andy onboard USS ENTERPRISE!

My cousin Andy is on the USS ENTERPRISE and sent us some pictures! (Andy's Voice:) "Hello All, Enterprise finally left the shipyard and got underway at the beginning of this month. We are currently still underway, conducting flight operations for training. Here are some pictures that Iíve taken so far."

Images from the STARFLEET Region 12 Summit in Oklahoma City: Check out the Cornicopia of Images!

Mike and I visited a convention in Oklahoma City, OK, to take pictures at a convention.  There are MANY pictures, and lots of fun captions for your to enjoy.  Look for movies and more as we get time to put them on the website.

All It's Jade in
Check out the 3-D Ultrasounds!

Mike and I had one of the last ultrasounds done today, and it was in "3-D!"  This is so cool!  Check out all the cool pictures by clicking on the link to the left!

It's time to SWIM!
 Check it out the fun we had at the RTR Swimming Pool Party!

I went to the RTR Swimming Pool Party today, and we got some great pictures!  Check out the great fun we had, as well as the great swimming suit I found!  Thanks to Target for having some great maternity swimwear!

It's Mother's Day, 2003, and Renee made her way over for dinner and a movie!

What a great weekend:  We had Father in Law Fred over Friday and Yesterday, and Mother In Law Renee' came over to share Mother's Day with us over dinner and a movie!  Thanks to Mike for cooking.

It's time to finish up the Mini-Loft started so many months ago!

Mike has been working on a project at the house for several months.  Some friends said they would help and didn't so he invited his Dad down from Wisconsin to help finish up the job!  Click on the link to the left to see what's up!

Pictures from 5-9-2003
It's getting down to crunch time and happiness continues!

Mike and I went to wash the truck this morning, and go to a doctor's appointment.  He surprised me later that day with his Dad walking in the front door from Wisconsin.  What a neat surprise!  He helped us finish a bed project that we have had in mind for a while.

It's time for Breastfeeding Class!  All that you've ever wanted to know about it in a two hour class

Mike and I went to St. John's Hospital today for a great exciting Breastfeeding class.  We really liked our instructor, and thought that the class was very informative.  Again, we recommend all of the classes that St. John's offers.  They are very informative, and we have had good "interpreter experiences" with all of them

All Day Lamaze Class at St. John's!  Big thanks to Judy our instructor!
 Check it out!

Mike and I went to St. John's Hospital today for a great all-day Lamaze Class to get us up to speed on what's going to happen when we get to the hospital in a little over a month. Our mission started bright and early at 6:30 to get ready for the 8am class...

Check up time at St. John's! Check it out!

We're on our way to St. John's Hospital, for some more check up and testing to be done!  Click to your left to see more great pictures and learn about a neat adventure!

Nails, Episode 3

Mike and I headed for the mall tonite, to get my nails done and some dinner!  Mission accomplished!

Another Stress Test for Baby Jade, and Momma Gloria!

Mike and I make another visit (weekly now) to St. John's for a modified Ultrasound, and a baby stress test.  Check out the mission pictures now!

More great stuff from the great white north!

Another care package makes its way from the friendlies in the state of Wisconsin!  Thanks for the goodies Fred and Maryann!

Pics from 4-23-2003!

We're only about 6 weeks out and it's time for more pictures!  Click on the link to your left to see more!

Another Check Up on April 17th!

It's time to go back to the hospital to get another ultrasound!  Click on the link to the left to see the pictures!

A Birthday Wish
for April Burton!
Happy 27th Birthday, April!

My best friend April Burton came over to have some stuff printed out for her wedding tomorrow, and we took some pictures!  Yay!

More Time for More Nails!  April and I get our nails done for her wedding tomorrow!

April and I went out for dinner and got our nails done too!  What a fun time!  Thanks for driving me April!  I had a lot of fun and we look great!

It's Time for Another Check Up with Dr. K!

Mike and I head for the most recent medical check up with the venerable Dr. K and friends!  It was a gorgeous morning too.  A great time.  We'll be going every two weeks now until she's born.

A Quick Moment at Lunch Before and After the Parents Head for Work...

Mike and I take just a few moments before I go to work this afternoon, and a few shots in the evening after work.  (90 pics in 90?  No problem here! See below for more links to more pics! :) )

A Jaunt to the Mall!
The Best Way to Exercise When Pregnant!

There are few things that make an afternoon pass faster than a great big mall, a brisk walk, and a tasty snack at the end.  Mike and I went to a local mall to get in some exercise and spend time together.  What a great time!

Late Nite Snack!
Bagel and Strawberries!

After a long hot bath, there's nothing that makes sleeping easier (wink) than a tasty snack like a bagel and strawberries!

April Burton's Shower! 
Check It Out!

My great friend, April Burton, had her wedding shower today.  I took many pictures of the event, and am really happy that I had the chance to share this time with her.  Congratulations, April!  I love you very much!

More Cool Clothes From Way Up North...

The most recent sortie of baby clothes arrives from the great state of Wisconsin, courtesy of Grandpa Fred and Grandma MaryAnn!

It's T-90 Days and time for "At Least 90 in 90!"
Click the links to your right!

We will be taking at least one picture a day for the next 90 days!  Join us in our visual pictorial adventure as we near the beginning of one of life's greatest adventures!
3-17-2003  3-18-2003  3-19-2003  3-20-2003  3-21-2003 
3-26-2003  3-30-2003  3-31-2003  4-7-2003

If You Build It, She Will Come... (She's coming anyway, but it sounds cool :)

Today was the day that Mike began the construction on Jade's Room.  After moving out the office that had been there since we moved into this house, the room started virtually naked, and will continue to evolve as time goes by...

It's "3-11 Day" and Time to Take Pictures!

More clothes, and a fantastic smile:  Gloria Wilkerson is on the case!

Ultrasound Pics from March 6th, 2003

Looking for the most recent Ultrasound pictures of Jade Erin Wilkerson?  Look no further!

Goodbye Molly Dog

Mike and I wish farewell to our great and longtime family member, Molly Dog. We Love You Molly!

April and Andrew Lewton Welcome Baby Lewton!

A friend of mine and coworker of Mike's April Lewton, had her child this last week: We're posting the pics here so she can show them off to anyone she wish! Enjoy and congrats to Andrew and April, and new Baby Lewton!

20 Week Ultrasound Pictures - Because you requested it!

It's been a crazy week, but we've finally put up the ultrasound pictures from last week's visit to check and see if our baby is a boy or a girl.

More Outfits and Baby Stuff:  What's up with all the PINK? :)

My Mother In Law Renee' got us some special stuff to celebrate us finding out the sex of our child.  Thanks to Renee' for the cool baby stuff. (1-27-2003)

Determining the Sex:
Drumroll Please...

We've always wanted to know what the sex of the baby was since the first day we found out we were pregnant.  January 23rd, 2003 was the day that we find out:  Is it a boy or a girl?

Getting Our Hair Done: The First Adventure...

On January 17th, 2003, my good friend, April Burton and I went to a local hair salon called "BLADEZ" and worked with a lady named Carried, that Mike and I have been going to since we moved here to St. Louis.  Here are the before and after shots and some pictures of April and I.  Thanks to April for taking to to go with me.  I can't wait until next time.

More Great Outfits, a message from "your father" and a very special Heartbeat...

My Mother In Law Maryann, and Father In Law Fred sent us these cool jumper outfits!  Very cool!  Thanks for this and we love you a bunch!  A note from "your father" and the first time we ever heard your heartbeat...

Shannon Park Elementary Xmas Party

My three nieces were in school one day while we  were visiting and were able to take pictures of their Xmas party.  Thanks again to all of the people at Shannon Park Elementary!  What a great place to teach children!

First Outfit, First Toy, and more...

My Mother In Law Renee' was the first to give us an outfit for our baby-to-be, and we just bought our baby's first toy.  They are both so cool and we wanted to share them with you...

Strike the Pose!
A Case Study in (my first) Maternity Wear

I bought a couple of outfits:  Here are some pictures of the first set of maternity wear I bought last weekend.  Look for more soon!

Xmas 2002 Pictures in Wisconsin...

On December 19th, 2002 Albert Bjorge, my father, died after a very long illness. I know that he walks in a much better place. This is my honorarium to him, and "I LOVE YOU, DADDY."

I Love You, Daddy...

On December 19th, 2002 Albert Bjorge, my father, died after a very long illness. I know that he walks in a much better place. This is my honorarium to him, and "I LOVE YOU, DADDY."

10 Week Ultrasound:
How cool is this?

Pictures from our first of several ultrasounds of our baby.  These pictures were taken on 11-15-2002 at Dr. Leslie's office in Ballwin, MO.

7th Anniversary Pictures:  Mike and Gloria...

Pictures from our 7th wedding anniversary (on the lucky 13th of August) on our way out to dinner and a movie to celebrate our 12 years together...

The Hair Saga:  Gloria Searches for a Different Look...

I have had brown hair for a long time, and I wanted to try something different.  I went to Carrie, my favorite hair stylist with some ideas I'd made from a website online...

The Wegner Visit to St. Louis:  November, 2001

Pictures from when my sister and brother in-law and our three nieces visited the house in Bridgeton.  What great fun and way too short. :)

6th Anniversary Pictures:  Mike and Gloria...

Pictures from our 6th wedding anniversary (on the lucky 13th of August) and the 11th anniversary of us meeting (we met in 1990), August 13th, and 15th, 2001...

International Conference Pictures:  2001

Pictures from the STARFLEET International Conference in Kansas City, MO, July 27th-29th, 2001...

Family Vacation Pictures:  2001

Family Vacation Pictures from Our Visit to Wisconsin, Minnesota and More: July 4th-15th, 2001...

Kim Anderson Art Page Links

Mike and I are big fans of this artist, and imagery that looks like it.  It's something that everyone says "awwwwwww...." to and they are beautiful.  You can start your hunt with this huge listing at Google...

Thanks for visiting my Pictures pages, and be sure to check out the rest of my website!

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