One of the most important parts of my life is my family.  I have a large family, with 11 brothers and sisters in all, who live all over currently.

    This picture to the right (taken in 1984!) shows all but one of the Bjorge family, but gives you a really good idea of how large my family is.  We are all from a country area, where there are many farms, animals and MILK in Wisconsin.  Many of my brothers and sisters have moved away from the Wisconsin area, but there are a few that still live in the same area that we all grew up in.  That doesn't happen often anymore at all.

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    As of this posting, I have 10 nieces and nephews, and I will be adding in our own child into the mix soon.  My husband Mike and I have had our first child in June of 2003, and we will be adding to the already HUGE Wilkerson/Bjorge family. We have added a giant section on my website that details the happenings during and as things continue, after my pregnancy.  I hope that you will visit back often to see what's going on in our lives. I will also start putting up pictures of of the changes in our lives in my Pictures Area online!  Check them out when you get the chance.

    The Wilkerson family is also spread out across the US but all have online ties which makes "staying in  touch" that much easier.  Contact me for a listing of people in my family that I know have an online way to contact them!  I'm sure they would be happy to talk to you!

Thanks for visiting my Family page, and be sure to check out the rest of my website!

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